8 Ways to make your social media design eye-catchy

Social media has become an important part of our life. Whether it is personal or for business, there are tons of reasons why social media is becoming an integral part of life.

Users spend half of their time on social media to check out reviews or see the footings of a brand before ordering things from them, and so on. It shows that when a brand is on social media, it is a different type of reach that and command that business of the same niche won’t enjoy if they are not on social media.

Now, we always talk about how to include social media in your marketing strategy or new tips to get more engagement from your followers. But it is extremely important to talk about the design of social media profiles that we have.

All social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are a visual platform, and how we post a photo or video matter. But the design of the icons or the grid that we choose also matters.

In this article, we will explore the best way to create an outstanding social media profile.

You don’t always have to post images or videos on Instagram or Facebook. Other types of visual designs work wonders too.

1. Use vector icons

Icons can be a great visual for your social media profile. They are an alternative to using texts in your captions or your post. Using the thumbs-up sign instead of writing good luck, does seem better and more visually appealing.

Be sure to use vector icons as they have better quality. Also, when you use icons mixed with text, it has a greater emotional impact on people. They are humorous or can be serious given the context which adds more layer to your post.

2. Use interactive shapes and images

Play with your images and text before posting them on IG or Facebook. For instance, you can create interactive shapes and include them in your images and then add text to it. It is a creative way of telling the same detail interactively. You can also play with your images by using filters or editing in different shapes and sizes, and so on.

With the help of Canva, editing your image with interactive shapes is a bit easier.

3. Play smart with colors

Even black and white are colors, so if you think that your IG theme is B&W, and you don’t have to worry about colors, you are wrong. Any color that you use in your social media design is setting a mood, thus you have to be careful with it.

Each color has a different psychology and when your users see it, it can either invoke a memory, an emotion, or convey the emotions that you want your audience to see.

Thus, if you want to control the narrative, you need to be careful with how you are using colors in your social media.

You have a color theme for your brand, use that in your social media too. The graphics you use for social media should be consistent with your brand and what message you want to get across.

4. Typography

Using the right fonts or typography for your social media can make a huge difference. It not only brings your images to life, but it impacts how people see your design and interpret it.

The important thing to keep in mind whenever you are selecting typography for your social media is readability. You cannot choose a font that is hard for people to read or understand even from a small distance.

Never use more than two or a maximum of three typefaces in a single social media design. It not only distracts the user from the message, but it looks cluttered too.

5. Different shapes for highlighting hashtags

Hashtags are so important for any social media these days. It is one of the best ways to attract more users and to make sure that people see your hashtag, be creative with them.

How? By using different shapes to highlight them which of course should go with your overall theme or with a particular campaign.

6. White space can be of great use

You don’t always have to clutter your social media design or images with colors, too many texts or graphics. Sometimes using negative or white space can get your message across perfectly too. For instance, using a single text with a simple icon and plain background can be impactful.

Your social media design matters as much as your content and profile. So, work on that too.

Amazing Tips To Prepare Your Yard For Winter Season

If you see pumpkin in your porches and observe that days are getting shorter, then it indicates that winter is coming. Gradually, the weather becomes cold and you have to prepare you to yard for the winter season.

Here, we have listed all the important things that you must prepare your outdoor space for chilly cold weather. Yard maintenance includes preparing your plants, trees, and grass for adverse cold weather.

This maintenance will help you to regrow these plants and trees in the spring season. In addition to this, you should also make sure that gutters and patio furniture are secured from snowflakes.

You should start this maintenance work before starting in winter so that you can efficiently do all the task because nobody will be ready to do your yard work when the outside temperatures are very low.

So, let’s start preparing your outdoor space to greet the winter season:

  1. Remove Lawn Furniture

You should pack your outdoor plastic chair, toys, sporting tools and store them in your garage. This way you can prevent your furniture and other things from snowflakes. During the winter season, you will observe the significant variation in the outdoor temperature and that can ruin your outdoor furniture and special toys.

  1. Mow The Lawn Grass

You should mow your grass short and also apply fertilizer before the arrival of the winter season. Apply fertilizers during the fall season. As per experts, you should apply fertilizers two times during autumn months. This will help in growing grass before it gets dormant in the winter season.

  1. Remove Fallen Leaves

Fallen dead leaves not just affect the visual appeal of your house but also spread nasty smell in your landscape. Therefore, you should clean your yard and remove fallen leaves. For cleaning your yard, you should use the leaves blower.

The fallen leave blower will ensure that no leaf will be left behind in any corner. You can contact the professionals of a recycling company to take away these leaves or you can also use these dead leaves for mulching purposes. The fallen leaves can help in the optimum growth of flower beds in your yard.

  1. Watering Your Lawn

If you are not receiving a good amount of rain in your area, then you should consider watering your lawn during the end time of the summer season. But, make sure, you do not overwater your lawn, otherwise, it will provide a favorable environment for the growth of molds and mildew.

  1. Remove Dead Portion Of Trees

Trimming and pruning of trees in your yard will help them to grow efficiently. The same condition is also applicable to plants and flowers. If you have perennial plants, then cut out the dead portion.

On the other hand, if you annuals, then pull them out because they can not withstand chilly cold weather of winter season. For tree trimming your should call professionals because they will also provide free firewood after tree trimming like free firewood Sydney.

  1. Mulching Process

You should cover the trees and flowers in your lawn with mulch and compost. You can prepare your mulch or buy it from your nearby store. The mulch will provide the necessary nutrients to your plants and trees. This nutrient-rich mulch will protect your plants from hard freezes.

  1. Plant Bulbs During Autumn

You should plant bulbs during an autumn season that will grow up during springtime. The fall is the perfect time to plant some bulbs in your lawn and they will start growing up when the outside weather warming up after winter.

  1. Take The Grills Inside Your Garage

During winter you will not be going to cook outside. Therefore, it is a good idea to cover these grills. If it is possible, then you should take a grill inside your garage to protect them from the adverse winter season.

  1. Cover Outdoor Fire Pit

If there is a fire pit in your lawn, then make sure it is completely cover to protect it from snowflakes and ice as well. Snowfall can destroy your fire pit.

  1. Clean Out The Gutters

Before snowfall, you should clean your roof gutter. Remove fallen leaves, dirt, and debris accumulated in your gutter. The clear gutter will help in maintaining a good flow of water.

The plugged gutter will lead to overflow and that affects your wall and landscaping as well. You can check online videos to clean your gutter quickly and efficiently.

Final Words:

Cleaning up yard is not a difficult task, but you should do it before the first snowfall. If once you miss the chance, then it will become difficult for you to maintaining your yard when it is chilling cold outside. Therefore, you should do a fall clean-up of your yard as soon as possible.

How To Cancel Timeshare

Have you purchased a timeshare? Congratulations! Unfortunately, if you are like most people, your next move is going to be trying to completely get rid of it.

While there are some timeshare buyers who don’t regret about making the decision to buy their timeshares, there are many other people who wish they could get rid of their timeshares not so long after signing the contract.

If you are like a lot of people and you would want to get rid of your timeshare, you should have nothing to worry about because you can completely cancel it. If you are lucky and realize that you don’t need your timeshare before the closing of the “cooling off” window, then you can sell it off or simply walk away.

Even though many consumers believe that these two options are worth it and can help them the staggering annual maintenance fees, they are very costly. So, the best option to relieve yourself of timeshare is to completely cancel it. Whether you just made a bad decision or you were duped into purchasing a timeshare rip off, you should know your options. Generally, the best option is to cancel your timeshare. But how do you do that? Well, that is the one million dollar question. Just read on to learn how to cancel timeshare.

How to legally cancel timeshare

In more often than not, reality usually sets in after you have been stunned by a sales pitch. If you ever become a victim, juts hope that the reality does not take too long set in.

The Federal Trade Commission has a “cooling period” of three days.  So, if you have bought anything and you change your mind, you have 72 hours to reverse the transaction. The same applies to the purchase of timeshares. In Michigan, you have 9 days to cancel your purchase.

Most states have fixed time period in which buyers can cancel. The period is often called ‘revocation’ or ‘recession’.

Good thing is, you usually don’t need to have any elaborate justification. Actually, you are not required to give any reason because you have a right to change your mind. Typically, the cancellation period usually begins on the date you receive the disclosure statement or the date of signing the contract.

The cooling off period or recession varies from state to state, and in some states, Sundays is not counted as a day.

Timeshare recession period

Whether the revocation period is two weeks or three days, it is up to you to ensure that you are beating the deadline. Even though some contracts usually allow timeshare buyers to cancel their contracts verbally, you should not rely solely on a conversation. In most cases, you are required to officially notify the timeshare seller in writing.

Grounds for cancelation

If you want to cancel timeshare after the recession period has ended, the process is usually a complicated one. Since most timeshare companies know that most people would want to cancel their timeshares, they usually have contracts that make it very hard to cancel the deal. However, a good timeshare cancellation company like Timeshare-Answers can help you cancel your timeshare legally even after the recession period has ended.

Lagna Wasana

Several lotteries are being played all over the world, and every country has a specific kind of lottery, which is one of the most played lotteries of that place. Although discussing every place’s popular lottery ticket would be a bit difficult, because of which we are going to talk about the Sri Lankan lottery, which is Lagna Wasana.

Lagna Wasana is the most played lottery of Sri Lanka, and in this lottery game, you would be able to notice that a person gets the lottery price if four lottery numbers match with the result. Moreover, there’s one more fact, and that is the result of this game is declared every day, which states that if you are lucky enough, then you would be able to win the lottery price daily.

Lagna Wasana results-

As mentioned above, the overall method of playing this game is so easy, as your four numbers should be identical with the number on the results sheet. But on the other hand, finding the result of this lottery online is a bit tricky, as there are several sites that states they offer the latest results updates. But unfortunately, they don’t.

If you are also facing this issue of results, then do follow this article till the end. As here, we are going to talk about Lagna Wasana results. So do follow the list below to have a look at the latest and past results of this lottery game.

List of results of Lagna Wasana Sri Lankan lottery

  • On 13 February 2020- The results declared were 08, 49, 56, 57, and that was under the Virgo section.
  • On 12 February 2020- On Wednesday, the results declared were 09, 18, 35, 51, and that was under the Cancer section.
  • On 11 February 2020- The results declared were 06, 07, 22, 47, and that was under the Scorpio section.
  • On 10 February 2020- Here’s the next result that took place on Monday, 10 February. The result was 13, 22, 44, 61, and it was under the Aries section.
  • On 9 February 2020- The result that took place was 20, 31, 43, 50, and that was under the Leo section.
  • On 8 February 2020- The next result of 8 February that took place was 19, 24, 46, 55, and that was under the Aquarius section.
  • On 7 February 2020- On Friday, the results declared were 02, 38, 53, 56, and this result was under the Virgo section.
  • On 6 February 2020- The next result that took place on 6 February on ta Thursday was 14, 41, 46, 51, and this result took place in between the Sagittarius section.
  • On 5 February 2020- The result took place on 5 February on Wednesday is 11, 41, 47, 55, and that was under the Sagittarius section.
  • On 4 February 2020- The result took place on 4 February on Tuesday is 04, 31, 34, 54, and that was under the Sagittarius section.

This was all about some of the results of the Lagna Wasana lottery.

15 Easy DIY Steps for You to Change a Fuse Box to a Circuit Breaker

Changing a fuse box to a circuit breaker requires certain level of expertise. Thus, the average DIY enthusiasts usually do not try this out. A licensed electrician in London explains the work has to be done while the circuit is on and electric current is flowing through it. Alternatively, you can request the power supplier to cut off the connection to your fuse box temporarily. When fuse box replacement is concerned, it is utmost crucial that you understand the basics of electricity clearly and are confident working with it.

In the following sections of the blog post, let us explore how to do it safely step by step.

Changing a fuse box to a circuit breaker is simple steps

  • Step 1

Uninstall all the fuses from the fuse box. Point to note, this will make your home run out of power.

  • Step 2

In the next step, disconnect all the wires and cables that are connected to the fuse box.

  • Step 3

The connection or circuit that runs from the meter box to the fuse box includes two live wires and one neutral wire. The neutral wire is either wrapped in a white casing or comes as bare copper. You have to disconnect the neutral wire first. If it has an insulated casing, wrap electrical tape around the bare, exposed portion of the wire.

  • Step 4

Make use of pliers and screwdrivers with insulated handles to disconnect one of the live wires. Be careful not to touch the bare wire.

  • Step 5

Tape the terminal end of the wire as soon as you disconnect it. Similarly disconnect the other live wire and tape its terminal end too.

  • Step 6

Is the fuse box mounted outside the house? If yes, then there’s some kind of ground wire inside the box that is connected to a rod inserted into the ground. At this stage of your DIY project you have to disconnect this wire.

  • Step 7

Licensed electricians, who deal in fuse box replacement in London, suggest removing all the cable clamps in the next step. Then you have to channel the connections from the fuse box. Uninstall the fuse box from its wall mount and pull out the wires carefully.

  • Step 8

You have to remove the inner cover of the breaker box. Select the locations at which the wires enter the box. Punch out holes at the selected locations. Do not remove knock-outs unnecessarily where holes are not required.

  • Step 9

Mount breaker box carefully on the wall.

  • Step 10

Channel the disconnected wires into the box and reattach the cable clamps to ensure the circuit is re-established.

  • Step 11

At this stage at least one or two neutral or grounding wire is present inside the breaker box with a number of connections. Just select a connector and loosen its screw to slide the ground wire into it. Then tighten the screw to make sure the wire remains in its place.

  • Step 12

There are two large connectors at the top of the breaker box. Take the tape off one of the live wires and connect it to one of the connectors. Repeat the same with the other live wire too and connect it to another connector. Now connect the neutral wire to one of the neutral or ground bus bar connectors. You better be very cautious and careful while working out this phase.

  • Step 13

Re-connect all the white wires coming from the house circuits to the ground or neutral bus bar.

  • Step 14

At this stage you have to connect each black wire to different breakers. Then you have to snap the breaker into one of the many hot bus bars.

  • Step 15

Now turn on the breakers one after the other. If a breaker snaps off, you can bet a bare wire somewhere in the set or circuit is touching another bare wire or metal. However, this problem also arises when you fail making the connection properly. In such circumstance, you should retrace your steps to locate the fault or problem. If the problem cannot be identified, you should better call a licensed electrician.

The tips discussed above are shared by technically sound and licensed electricians associated with Electric Works London. Please feel free to contact us for more information.