How to build your dream house

How to build your dream house

Everyone wants to live in a dream home. It’s a pleasure and also very exciting to know that the house you’re living in is the blend of the best ideas, top of the range materials and offers maximum comfort. We’ve gathered some techniques and pieces of advice that people can follow if they want to build and finally live in their dream homes. Here’s a short guide on how to build the home of your dreams!

Begin from inspiration

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your dream house won’t be either. Everything begins with a great idea and this is exactly where you should begin. Read architectural magazines, take a drive around the neighbourhoods which have an architecture that you fancy, find YouTube videos or examples from movies, etc. After you can at least somewhat clearly see the home that you want, you can move on to phase two.

Find an appropriate architect

After you have at least a general idea of what you want, it’s time to visit an architect or draw the plan yourselves, if you are one. You can also find architects online, sites like Fiverr can help out, but in reality, it’s usually much safer and much more practical to find a real-life professional in your city or in the city that you want to build in.

Architects aren’t just building planners, they have connections that can help you get the project going, aid in the obtainment of permits, etc.

Be in charge of finances

After you get your plan back from the architect, begin the business with contractors. Usually, an architect can give you recommendations which are very handy. Nevertheless, despite the trust and the relationships you have with the contractors, always be in charge of purchases and finances. It will be your dream home, but it shouldn’t be the primary cause of your bankruptcy.

Select the best materials you can find

The best house deserves the best materials and the best services, right? Well, in such case we strongly advise you to choose the best materials that you can find for sale. A clear example of this would be choosing silk sheets over cotton and synthetics, dimming lights over regular, charred wood over simple wood, etc. If you aren’t familiar with charred wood, you should visit Degmeda as they offer top of the range in wood décor products!

Make sure there’s enough maintenance

After your dream home project is set to begin, make sure you understand the maintenance costs that will arise after the project is complete. A large garden, large lawns and trees, plants, etc. all have to be cut, maintained and looked after. Your floors have to be vacuumed and cleaned, someone has to also clean the windows, put fuel into the heater, etc. Make sure that you have enough finances to take care of it.

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