6 common mistakes people do while shopping online

Online shopping can be a lot of fun! A few decades ago, nobody could have even imagined that you could ever buy anything you need from the comfort of your own bed. These days, because of the pandemic, more and more people prefer online shopping: it is easier, quicker, and safer to order online what you need, from clothing to groceries. As a result, it is important to stay secure while making online purchases and to be aware of some commonly made mistakes that you should avoid. Here are six things to keep in mind when shopping online:

Mistake nr. 1: Shopping on websites that are not/don’t seem to be reliable

To begin with, when you are shopping online it is very important to know exactly how reliable a company is. Pay attention to some important aspects: if the design of the site looks too simple (not to be confused with minimalistic designs that are made like that on purpose), if there is little or no information about the company, retailers, production, or shipping on the site, if the prices seem to be way too low for the products they are offering, or if they don’t have any reviews or seem to have only positive ones, it is better to avoid shopping on these sites.

Mistake nr. 2: Not paying attention to the fabric

When we go shopping in person, one of the first things we notice is the fabric used to make the clothes. This aspect is really important, since most people favor natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool, and many are even allergic to synthetic materials. When it comes to online shopping, it is not that often for a person to pay attention to the fabric, which is a big mistake. Natural fibers will look good even after countless washes, will protect you from the heat or cold, and will serve you for a very long time. For example, Irish sweaters and cardigans made of Merino wool are not only warm and comfortable, but also lightweight, soft, water and odor resistant, and, last but not least, very stylish and elegant. Check out Tara Irish Clothing to find the most comfortable Irish sweaters made of high-quality Merino wool.

Mistake nr. 3: Ignoring the return policy

When shopping online, reading the return policy is a very important step that should never be overlooked. Some pages have terribly administrated return policies, while others don’t have them at all, which means that is a product is defective, doesn’t look like it was presented on the website or you simply don’t like it and want your money back, there will be no way for you to return it or even get a refund.  However, if the website does have one, always pay attention to who exactly is responsible for paying for the return shipping, because if it is you, sometimes the price for an item itself is way less than the price you have to pay for the shipping, so there will be no reason for you to waste your money and time on it.

Mistake nr. 4: Not reading the reviews

Always pay attention to the reviews. First of all, they will show you how a product looks on the ones who bought it, not just on the models on the website. Secondly, reading the reviews may also give you some additional details about the product, the shipping, and other customers’ experiences, all of which is something you should consider before paying the money for the wanted item.  However, the tricky part about the reviews is that many of them could be fake, paid by the company, especially when a website is a very new or a not so popular one, so be sure to make a difference between a real review and a fake one. 

Mistake nr. 5: Not paying attention to the size chart

When shopping online, especially for clothes, accessories, or shoes, it is very important to always check the size chart of the website, since they usually differ from site to site. Even if you think that you know exactly what your size is, it is better to do some measurements; sometimes, an M can be an S or even an L. Keep this in mind when shopping on the websites of companies located in other countries, especially in the Asian ones, as their size charts are often different from ours. In addition to reading the return policy, knowing your exact measurements and shopping according to them will save you a lot of money and time.

Mistake nr. 6: Using a public wi-fi 

Last but not least, it is not recommended to make any online purchases while using a free public wi-fi. Sometimes it can come very handy to shop for things in a cafe or a park while waiting for your friends who are always late to come, but it can be very dangerous for your personal data and information. A public internet connection leaves you unprotected and creates a channel between the wifi source and your phone or laptop, making it a convenient target for hackers. Even if you are browsing online for items you would really like to purchase, never give your credit card details, and better yet, delay the payment then when you are connected to your home wifi. This will help you in remaining safe, preventing hackers from accessing your card information and stealing your money .