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Different kinds of hairstyles you can try on wavy hair

Always thinking about what you can do with your extremely wavy hair? Don't worry about it because wavy hair has become the most desirable and admirable hair type nowadays as it ever was. Most people prefer wavy hair over straight and much another hair type due to its flowy and gorgeous appearance which makes a person look fabulous. If you have natural waves in your hair and wondering what hairstyle you can opt to enhance its look then simply follow these lines down and give your hair an amazing quality and style which it deserves. Half straight and half wavy When your hair is the combination of two or more hairstyles or form, it gives a perfect texture as well as appearance to your personality, especially if you are opting in for an occasion. You can opt doe any hairstyle for your

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How Do Title IX Investigations Work?

Title IX has brought a new revolution in the approach of women against sexual discrimination and assault. It has empowered women to the extent that they feel a lot more assured about getting justice these days than in the past. From approaching a Title IX attorney to filing a case against an offender, Title IX has transformed the perception of sexual harassment and assault on the campuses of educational institutions. Title IX is all about equal opportunities for women on college campuses. It allows them to walk hand in hand with their male counterparts in education institutions. The implementation of Title IX is mandatory for State universities. A failure to do so puts them at the risk of losing funding from both state and federal agencies. Upon receiving a notice of sexual harass

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