Things to Know before Redoing your CV

It is well known that the hardest part is getting started. This adage applies perfectly to writing a CV. This is why we propose you best method to get started in redesigning your curriculum vitae. Ready to go? How to write your CV? To have a perfect CV? Do not ignore the title, the catchphrase and the essential sections. And keep it all up to date!

Start with a Blank Sheet

You always have to start from a blank sheet. This is the only technique that works even if you only want to make a few changes to the document. If you start from an old resume, you are going to have old experiences that you probably have a hard time breaking away from. However, redoing a CV is precisely about to mourn your old experiences. The purpose of a curriculum vitae is to show that you are unique. To make it easier for you, we recommend that you make a cv online. This allows you to save time and you will not have to worry about the design.

Find a New Title for your CV

In front of your blank sheet, have no anxiety. The first question to ask yourself is: what position am I aiming for? This allows you to find the title of your CV. If you are replying to an ad, use the title indicated. If this is an unsolicited application, don’t try to cast a wide net, choose a specific job title. When writing a CV, the best approach is really to have a very clear idea of the objective and the position. This way, the recruiter will know directly what you are looking for.

Write a List of your Experiences

Ask yourself what are your qualities in relation to the position and what experiences attest to it. This information will constitute the Work Experience section. Be careful, there is no point in wanting to put it all in. Do not write down some old experiences as a reminder, just because they got you where you are today. The bottom line is that when the recruiter looks at your background, the first thing that should appear is progress. Not necessarily taking the lead but progressing and highlighting your successes. For each experience, you can give figures, pledges of your success. Also be aware that recruiters only have the term soft skills on their minds. Behavioral skills gradually take precedence over technical skills. Highlight your soft skills in your CV.